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Code of Ethics for Board of Trustees

Code of Ethics for Boards of Trustees

Section 1
We, the members of the COUNTY HEALTH CENTER BOARD OF TRUSTEES, accept these truths:

  1. That the basic function of the county health center is to provide all citizens of our county the appropriate public health services, by utilizing our resources and skills to the benefit of all.
  2. To have as our ultimate goal that all of our citizens live a full, healthy and productive life.
  3. That good health is essential for the development and maintenance of a strong nation, state and county.
  4. That the ideals and motives of the county health center board of trustees serve only the best interest of the citizens they represent.

Section 2
As a member of the county health center board of trustees, I shall:

  1. Abide by the laws of my state and county.
  2. Utilize applicable laws and/or regulations to improve the quality of public health services in my county.
  3. Accept the responsibility of carrying out locally the national and state public health initiatives that best serve the needs of my county.
  4. Attempt to maintain the effectiveness of the local county health center.

Section 3
As a member of the county health center board of trustees, I shall:

  1. Endeavor to understand the present and future public health needs of my county.
  2. Maintain the public trust through full and open communication.
  3. Insist that all funds be spent prudently and effectively to provide maximum public health benefits.
  4. Avoid domination of cliques and other partisan or self-seeking groups.
  5. Encourage citizens to participate through channels in shaping the purposes and policies of the local county health center.

Section 4
As a member of the county health center board of trustees, I shall:
Resist every temptation and outside pressure to use my position as a health center board of trustees member to benefit either myself or any other individual or agency apart from the total interest of the health center.

Section 5
As a member of the county health center board of trustees, I shall:

  1. Accept my policy-making responsibilities and require the administrator to act in accordance with those policies.
  2. Delegate to the administrator and other employees appropriate authority in keeping with their responsibilities.
  3. Recognize that all lines of administrative responsibility to and from the employed personnel should extend to the board of trustees through the administrator.
  4. Demand that the health center be operated by the best-trained technical and professional personnel it is possible to procure.
  5. Employ only such qualified employees as are properly recommended by the administrator of the county health center.
  6. Involve members of the staff through proper channels, in planning proposed policies.
  7. Insist that the administrator be responsible for keeping the board properly informed on health center matters at all times.
  8. Refer all public and/or staff complaints to the proper administrative officer.
  9. Notify the administrator in writing of any personal criticism of employees.
  10. Encourage and promote the professional growth of all staff so that they may better perform their unique function.

Section 6
As a member of the county health center board of trustees, I shall:

  1. Contribute to and take an active part in board discussions.
  2. Respect the rights of others to advance and defend their opinions on an issue up for consideration.
  3. Make my decisions only after judicious consideration of the evidence and viewpoints of competent and/or interested individuals.
  4. Accept and abide by all legally arrived at decisions of the board, regardless of my previous opinions.
  5. Respect the confidential business of the board and refrain from discussing such business outside of board meetings.
  6. Recognize that official action is an expression of the membership of the board and that initial announcement of such action will come from the president of the board.
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